誰もが学びあえる「交流と対話の場」School of Meaning - place for co-learning, exchange and dialogue

The School of Meaning opens the door to everyone. This is a place of exchange and dialogue that goes beyond job title, age, and nationality. There is no requirement or qualification to take part in the activities the school offers. All you bring is your ambition, affection and philosophy, and a little humor to share with everyone.

This school was established by volunteers (referred as danna-shu (patrons)) who believe in trying new approach for learning and discovering philosophy for life, which existing educational institutes do not offer. This is a term project and operated until March 2018.

We propose to pursue different abilities from what we have been taught in old school days, such as giving answers fluently in front of teacher, or memorizing answers by heart. Instead, we value qualities such as carefully pursuing essence in depth, taking up new challenge while carrying a risk, building tolerance and accepting different values beyond position and age. We are here to develop our abilities to explore true essence of things surrounding us, to take risks with courage, and to accept different sense of values beyond age and position. These qualities are different from our old habit of learning by heart and answering fluently.

Our campus is located in the heart of Tsuyazaki in Fukutsu city, closely located from the Fukuoka Airport, yet filled with natural resources and feelings of old town with Japanese traditional culture, customs, and philosophies of people’s lives. This will be a place for meeting, socializing, learning and exchanging ideas among people from all over the world, as well as place to return and regain power, philosophy and challenging spirits.

There is no set curriculum for 2013 at the School of Meaning. We, as a group, will make improvements through trial and errors, and evolves as we incorporate new ideas and plans as the year rolls by. Course structure and planning process is flexible. Course can be proposed and organized by individuals or in collaboration with patrons, Tsuyazaki Branch staff members (serves as the secretarial), and other organizations or regions under the shared philosophy.

●意味の学校の哲学 Philosophy of the School of Meaning

○言葉や数字で表せない本質を探究するExplore the true essence behind the words and numbers

We are living in the society where we measure and evaluate everything in numbers, and we neglect to face uncertainty and ambiguity because they don’t present us with measurable figures. Some of us have experienced frustration when our words don’t transmit well to others. We will explore the insights of these invisible and uncountable, yet really important things in life.

○対話(相互学習)の場をつくる Create a community for dialogue

The true cosmopolitan≒(people with tolerance) is not a person who is equipped with various tactics to get through the globalized world, but is a person with deep wisdom and philosophy that transcends different values and nationalities for the past 100 years and the future 100 years. School of Meaning is a place to explore and share these universal philosophies. We actively introduce facilitation and dialogue techniques as a way of mutual learning.

○即座に答える技術ではなく、じっくり向きあえる場をつくる Place of indulgence for deeper thinking

We live in the age where more value is put on answering a lot questions and compete the speed with others. Questions with no obvious answer do not even appear on the test in the first place. As a result, we have developed a habit of looking away from the troublesome and complex questions. Instead of raising efficient and smart individuals, we nurture next generation of people who can sat down and face calmly to the questions with no answer.

○新しい発想や着眼点を持つ Exploring new idea and point of observation

We Japanese, are good at bringing already existing materials to a higher dimension. However, our ability and willingness is limited when initiating new ideas from scratch.
As the values of the society significantly changing, our challenges dwell on exploring new viewpoints and methodologies to realize the kind of future we aspire to.
We place the value in exploring new ideas and observation, helping ourselves to create unique answers of our own without being swayed by values such as media.